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Siding colors

1.How to choose a Vinyl Siding color


Whether you are building a new house or replacing the vinyl siding on an old one, picking the right siding color is important for the look and feel of your home.  There are as many color options for vinyl siding as there are colors in the rainbow and so it can be difficult to choose the right color for your home.  Despite that difficulty, there are five things you can use to help you choose the color of your home’s vinyl siding.


House Style

The style of your home is a very important when considering a color for your home.  Find out what the style of your home is and start looking at the color choices for other homes with the same style.  If you look at enough you will start to get a feel for what works for the style of your home and what doesn’t.  Make sure you keep these color choices in mind when you start looking at vinyl color.



The neighborhood your home is in is another factor that you should look at when choosing a vinyl color.  Having your home stick out from the crowd can be a good thing but if you choose a color that doesn’t fit in the area it will stand out in a bad way.  Walk around your neighborhood and look at the color of the homes.  Is there are particular shade that stands out but still looks good alongside the other homes?  Maybe this color or a color similar to it would be a good choice. 


General Appeal

You also want to be sure that the color you choose will have wide spread appeal.  When you go to sell your home you do not want people to be turned off by its color.  So be sure to stick with a color that most people will like.  So even though you may love that bright green vinyl, chances are other people won’t.  Instead, try to find another shade of green that will appeal both to you and to potential buyers.


Maintenance of Color

Another factor you should consider when choosing your vinyl siding color is the maintenance that color will require.  Most people don’t think about some colors of vinyl needing more care than others, but not all colors are created equal.  For example, if you live in the desert where dust is always blowing, starch white vinyl will not stay white for long if you do not clean it regularly.  However a light tan would require much less maintenance because the dirt would blend in.  So, if you do not feel like constantly cleaning your home’s vinyl, you should pick a color that will not show dirt too easily.


Personal Preference

Finally and most importantly, you should pick a color that you will love to look at every day.  Your siding is something that you are going to look at all the time, and so you want to be sure you are happy with it.  So, after you have eliminated colors based on the factors above, look at your remaining options and choose the color that you like the most. 

Once you have chosen your favorite color for your vinyl siding, you are done.  All you have to do now is order the color and have it installed on your home.  So sit back and relax, you have chosen the best possible color for your home.  Now enjoy it.


Siding styles

2.What else should I know when considering buying Vinyl Siding?


Generally, thicker is better.
The thinner the siding, the more it could sag over time. The thicker the siding, the stiffer and more durable it will tend to be. The best vinyl siding is thick and stiff.


Wind resistance.
You want siding that will stay on the house in a storm. Some manufacturers actually warranty their siding in winds over 150 mph. Ask about wind resistance and the warranty.


Getting attached to siding.
Unlike wood, vinyl siding is not attached tightly to the house. It more or less hangs on the side of the house, because it contracts and expands with heat and cold. A double hem mounting area usually provides better attachment than a single hem. If the siding is too tight, there's poor ventilation. If it's too loose, it can be noisy. Net 'n net, it needs to be installed properly.


Rain resistance.
Because it hangs loosely, vinyl siding is less likely to trap moisture. However, there are also areas where water can leak inside, so proper flashings should be installed, as well as house felt or builder's wrap.


Fading factor.
The best vinyl siding, which is more expensive, tends to fade less than cheaper siding. Look for UV protection in the description, and ask about how it will stand up to sunlight. Also, if you live in a sunny climate, ask about whether a light color would fade less than a dark color.


Pick you profile.
Some vinyl siding is designed with a deeper profile, or a more pronounced bend in the design of the siding. This generally looks more like wood. So consider the overall look of the siding, to be sure you get what you want.

Vinyl Siding Style Guide

There are many varieties, styles, colors, and accessories to choose from.
Some siding types are even designed with matching trim and architectural details. You will find siding that will flow perfectly into your home's design. Click here to find out more about vinyl siding information and vinyl house siding.


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